LISTEN: The Return of Earl Sweatshirt

Previously awol member of the LA hiphop collective Odd Future Thebe Kgositsile, aka Earl Sweatshirt, appears to have genuinely returned despite previous false claims of his reemergence back in November.

Earl has been notably absent pretty much since the group began attracting attention, which is a shame ‘cos he was fucking good. After a slew of ridiculous rumours regarding his whereabouts, he finally confirmed in an interview with the New Yorker  (or Complex, whatever) that he’d basically been sent to some weird kids rehab school in Samoa.

Yesterday a Twitter account & a Tumblr seemingly belonging to Earl surfaced. This was followed by a video featuring snippets of a new track, along with a promise to release the whole thing when his Twitter reached 50,000 followers…

That happened earlier on today, and now you can stream the track in its entirety over at Earl’s new website.


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