Fantastic Damage Mixes Vol-7 // Vinyl Deconstruction by Helix The Space Cat


I know, I know. The last Fan Dam mix was ages ago. You’ve listened to it everyday since cos it was so awesome, but dayyyymn, you really wish there was a new one. I get it. I feel your pain.

Chin up. Today’s the day. Here we have FANTASTIC DAMAGE MIXES VOL-7 // VINYL DECONSTRUCTION by none other than HELIX THE SPACE CAT. Helix did a set for us way back at Fan Dam II, and we loved him so much he’s been a resident ever since. Boy got mad skillz. Chekkit:

You can catch Helix DJing at FANTASTIC DAMAGE VI feat. MF DOOM HAPPY HOUR alongside SIGMUND FRUED, ELAI IMMORTAL, TIGHT WHITE N BAGGY BLACK & DEBUSSTY – Thursday 13th October at the Bulls Head, Moseley. Once again it’s FREE before before 9pm, £2 after. Swish.

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