So, I’m sure none of you will be surprised to hear me say that Fantastic Damage fucking love Stones Throw Records. If you’re looking at this website, chances are you love them too, so I won’t bother banging on about all the cool shit they’ve released (srsly tho, what. a. fucking. label.)

This year it’s their 15th anniversary, and to celebrate a couple of weeks back they ran a video contest. This basically involved anybody picking their favourite Stones Throw song and then making a video for it. You’d think this would lead to some patchy results..but fuck me, there are some creative motherfuckers out there. ST narrowed em down to the top 15 (plus some honourable mentions) and put em up on the site.

Here’s the best five (which coincidentally came in at positions #1-5):

#5. J Dilla – ‘Geek Down’ by Steve Smith

#4. Quasimoto – ‘Low Class Conspiracy’ by Kristoffer Crook

#3. Madvillian – ‘Strange Ways’ by Jean-Yves Blanc

#2. Jaylib – ‘The Heist’ by Rory Gamble and Demetrios Katsantonis

#1. J Dilla – ‘Last Donut of the Night’ by Tuomas Vauhkonen and Jeremias Nieminen

How fucking sick?! This is basically all stuff that gets played at Fan Dam, so if you dig it but haven’t been down yet, come along and say hello…second Thursday of every month.

You can check out the other videos in the contest (they’re pretty much all amazing) here.

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  2. […] Donut of the Night’ Director: Tuomas Vauhkonen & Jeremias Nieminen Another entry from the Stones Throw Video Contest I mentioned yesterday. The response to the contest was overwhelming (in both quantity and quality), […]

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