Top 20 Music Videos of 2011: #10-1

Following on from yesterdays Best Music Videos of 2011: #20-11 post, we continue the countdown…

10. DELS – ‘Capsize’
Director: Chloe Hayward
Another of 2011’s finest British albums, this track by DELS comes from his standout debut LP ‘Gob‘ which was released back in May via the ever impressive Big Dada label. At the helm of this video is the masterful Chloe Hayward, who has worked with DELS already on the incredible videos for ‘Trumpalump’ and ‘Shapeshift’. All of his videos share the same bold ridiculously awesome imagery, and in this instance the result is a compelling work of “politicsed tech-cosmic magnificence”, set in an endless black & white space maze in which DELS is forever under the watchful gaze of an army of CCTV cameras.

9. Action Bronson – ‘Brunch’
Director: Tom Gould & Alexander Richter
I only recently came across Queens-born MC Action Bronson, but after a few listens of his debut LP Dr. Lecter it’s obvious the guy has got some seriously solid skills. It seems folks can’t stop banging on about how much he sounds like Ghostface Killah, and while that is undeniably true it’s clear this ain’t no case of imitation. This video finds Bronson in some bizarre Dexter-style parody, in which he prepares a fat slab of meat before dragging the nearby corpse of what is (make that ‘was’) presumably his girlfriend to his car, and then her eventual watery end. It’s pretty morbid, but damn funny either way.

8. J Dilla – ‘Last Donut of the Night’
Director: Tuomas Vauhkonen & Jeremias Nieminen
Another entry from the Stones Throw Video Contest I mentioned yesterday. The response to the contest was overwhelming (in both quantity and quality), and this video for J Dilla‘s classic ‘Last Donut of the Night’ was the overall winner – check what Peanut Butter Wolf had to say about it. Fucking awesome.

7. Death Grips – ‘Takyon (Death Yon)’
Director: Flatlander
So. Death Grips appeared from seemingly out of nowhere back in April with the bizarre and unnerving video for Guillotine, taken from their free-to-download mixtape Exmilitary. The identities of the people involved were purposely obscured, although frankly when we found out this was actually the project of super-drummer-extraordinaire Zach Hill, along with some Sacramento friends, things just seemed even weirder. Without a doubt the most brutal and challenging release to surface last year, at times Death Grips can seem like the pure feral embodiment of evil itself – particularly when combined with a video as sinister as this one. Lo-fi, grainy footage of a terrifying figure kidnapping a woman and putting her in a giant plastic bag. Or something.

6. Mr Muthafuckin’ eXquire – ‘The Last Huzzah’ (feat. Despot, Das Racist, Danny Brown & El-P)
Director: Jiro Kohl & Vic Reznik
Equal parts absurd, amusing and entertaining, this video became a Fan Dam staple as soon as it landed in September. Despot bags up some Lucky Charms, Das Racist are hilarious as always, Danny Brown goes in hard, and El-P drops probably the best verse we heard all year. This track comes from Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire‘s mixtape Lost In Translation, which like many releases this year was both free AND awesome.

5. Mayer Hawthorne – ‘The Walk’/’A Long Time’
Director: Martin Weisz / N/A
I’m putting both of these video at number 5. I don’t care if that breaks the rules, I made them up anyway. Everyone’s favourite one-man soul studio Mayer Hawthorne is back, with two highly amusing videos in his arsenal. First up we have ‘The Walk’, which is a Mr. & Mrs. Smith style shoot out in Hawthorne’s house. Then, we have the video for ‘A Long Time’, which is..well, just watch it.

4. Das Racist – ‘Michael Jackson’
Director: Weird Days
This video ranks in at number 4 based on pure absurdity alone. I’m not sure it can even be explained with words. As far as I can gather, Das Racist are kidnapped and forced to appear in front of a Michael Jackson impersonator, some religious figures and politician types. And then green screen hilarity ensues.

3. B. Dolan – ‘Film the Police (feat. Toki Wright, Jasiri X, Buddy Peace & Sage Francis)’
Director: Mason Johnson
An absolutely awesome NWA parody from B. Dolan featuring a whole host of Fan Dam favourites including Toki Wright, Jasiri X, Buddy Peace & Sage Francis and a refreshingly important message. “Serving as a call to action for the digitized media movement while responding to the recent explosion of police brutality all across the world, [this is a] reminder that cops have been a continued and increasingly militarized presence in public streets. Thanks to the widespread use of smartphones and video cameras, along with the popularity of social networks, the power of the media has been put back into the people’s hands as they document the injustices perpetrated by those who have sworn to serve and protect them.”

2. Shabazz Palaces – ‘Black Up’
Director: Kahlil Joseph
With their astonishing debut full-length ‘Black Up’ released back in June on Sub Pop, Seattle-based hip hop collective Shabazz Palaces created one of the most interesting and exploratory albums of the year. It’s no surprise then, that their music videos have been equally as intriguing and impressive – frequently more akin to a short film than a promo. This particular video actually features a number of songs from the LP, set to a visual tapestry of gorgeous imagery both beautiful and disorientating.

1. Tyler The Creator – ‘Yonkers’
Director: Tyler The Creator
Yeah, maybe this a bit predictable. Or perhaps it’s ill advised given the inevitable blacklash both Tyler The Creator and Odd Future have received since reaching unprecedented levels of hype during 2011. But fuck it. This is a great video, and the colossal impact it had virtually overnight is undeniable. For a brief second, this video demanded absolutely everybody’s attention, and over 35 million views later its safe to say that’s pretty much what it got.

So, there you have it. Think we missed anything? Let us know in the comments section below…If you need refreshing on what came in at #20-11 then check here.

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  2. […] today, everyone’s favourite Sacramento mindfuckers Death Grips (previously featured at #7 in our end of year list) announced they will be releasing not one, but two, full length albums this year. FUCK […]

  3. […] Queens rapper Action Bronson drops new track ‘A Simple Man’. And boy is it a good ‘un. Sick horn loops by Tommy Mas, who provided beats for Bronson’s excellent ‘Dr. Lecter’ album – one of our 2011 highlights. […]

  4. […] Queens rapper Action Bronson drops new track ‘A Simple Man’. And boy is it a good ‘un. Sick horn loops by Tommy Mas, who provided beats for Bronson’s excellent ‘Dr. Lecter’ album – one of our 2011 highlights. […]

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